Friends of THA

Never in our history has the healthcare industry faced as much change and uncertainty as it does today. We experience the pressures of providing high quality care in a safe and pleasant environment while witnessing the decline of our reimbursement, coupled with the burden of rapidly expanding regulations and requirements. The decisions being made at the state and federal levels directly impact the very foundation of the healthcare delivery system, including providers, insurers and suppliers, along with all other segments of our industry.

We have a unique opportunity to provide constructive guidance and assistance in creating the healthcare delivery system of the future, thus ensuring our patients continue to receive the care that they desperately need. While the U.S. healthcare system is the best in the world, it is imperative that it be enhanced and improved. We must work to ensure the availability of the best quality of care delivered in a patient-centric setting remains at the center of the healthcare reform debate.

By supporting the efforts of Friends of THA, the Tennessee Hospital Association's (THA) political action committee (PAC), we will ensure our considerable knowledge and expertise is utilized to formulate and communicate our guidance and recommendations to our legislative leaders. We have historically demonstrated the effectiveness of the PAC through its endeavors in representing the interests of our patients and organizations in a unified voice. We not only have the responsibility of protecting the interests of those we serve, but as large economic drivers in our respective communities and the state, we must work collaboratively to ensure our advice and counsel is articulated and incorporated into the deliberations of our legislative leaders. The THA PAC is an essential component in that communication process. By pooling our funds together, we create one solid, powerful voice that successfully represents our industry in the political arena.

As the healthcare reform debate continues throughout the coming year, coupled with the upcoming elections, the efforts of the PAC are vital if we are to achieve the objective of enhancing and improving on the work to which we all are dedicated and committed. With the importance of this year's work, we have established a fundraising goal of $120,000 for the THA PAC. We value and applaud your commitment to serve our friends and neighbors in Tennessee and thank you for your consideration of becoming a friend of THA by making a contribution to THA's PAC, thus ensuring our message is delivered in an effective way.

Joe Landsman
University Health System
Knoxville, TN